Privacy policy Parkunload App

This privacy policy sets out what personal data PARKUNLOAD, SL, hereinafter referred to as the RESPONSIBLE PARTY, why and how it is used in connection with the service it provides with the Parkunload mobile application, hereinafter referred to as the APP.

Parkunload Information


The Parkunload digital platform regulates, controls and monitors parking sessions and parking availability in time-limited parking zones for authorized vehicles according to the current legislation of the parking Authority, for instance:
  • Loading and Unloading zones to urban freight vehicles, like trucks, vans and light commercial vehicles.
  • Delivery zones for either private or commercial vehicles, including delivery fleets and couriers.
  • Short-term parking zones to facilitate access to local business and services, such as pick-up or orange zones.
  • Parking only for authorized vehicles, such as customers, employees or residents (neighbours).
  • Short-term parking zones for primary services, including pharmacies.
  • Parking spaces for People with Reduced Mobility (PMR).
  • Short-term parking within pedestrian areas.
  • Park & Ride zones for commuters of the Public Transport network.
  • Parking zones only for trucks, including those in rest areas.
  • As well as any other combination of these zone types.
The APP collects personal data for the following purposes:
Manage the request for registration or access to the user account
  • The APP needs your mobile number or a valid Google or Apple email account to identify the user account.
  • The APP validates your cell phone number by sending a code by SMS, which you can read automatically; or send an email to your Google or Apple account, depending on the type of registration used.
Display parking conditions according to location
  • The APP requires access to your exact location, based on GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices installed in the nearest vertical signal in order to determine your parking conditions in the current zone.
Display parking conditions based on vehicle and user profile
  • The APP requires basic data of your vehicles such as license plate, vehicle type, tonnage and its emissions in order to calculate the parking conditions in the current zone, according to the current legislation. Optionally, the user can add a photograph of their vehicle to facilitate its identification.
  • The APP requires your vehicle usage profile as professional, private or PRM in order to calculate your parking conditions in the current zone, according to current legislation.
Register and validate the parking session
  • The APP records your vehicle’s parking session when you park in a controlled parking zone with the digital platform, including parking session data, vehicle data, arrival and departure time, maximum parking time and calculated parking time in the registered zone.
  • The APP may require an additional validation process to verify the profile or the use of the parking zone according to the current regulation.
  • The parking ticket data will be recorded and will be available to the competent authorities to control compliance with current legislation in the parking zone regulated with the Parkunload platform.
Payment to cancel a parking ticket
  • The RESPONSIBLE allows, through the APP or the web, the payment of the cancellation of a parking ticket that is in progress in the cases that the competent Authority determines, for example excess of time lmit, lack of parking ticket or incorrect parking ticket, among others. The competent authority has the power to decide which complaints can be cancelled, as well as the deadlne.
  • It is possible that in order to cancel a complaint a service fee may be charged. Prior to its charge, the user will be informed of its amount.
  • Payment may be made by debit or credit card through a payment platform, it may require the introduction of the identification code of the complaint and the vehicle registration number as the only personal data of the driver.
  • The competent Authority collects the amount of cancellation of the complaint through the means of payment offered by the RESPONSIBLE.
  • The RESPONSIBLE will not have access to the data of the payment cards used, being the responsibility of the payment platform the custody of this information and the corresponding security measures, in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • The payment processor guarantees the level of confidentiality, protection and security of data throughout the service process of its payment gateway. User transactions are carried out in a secure environment in accordance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), certified in version 3.0 level 1. PCI corresponds to the standards of security of information and identity of payment cards, as well as the mechanisms of handling, storage and management of credit and debit card data by financial institutions, merchants and integrating companies that provide mid-payment services. All transactions made with the card through the APP guarantee the encryption of the data, from the point of origin to the point of destination. More information can be found at
Display information about the parking occupancy of your vehicle
  • The APP needs to access the location services of your mobile terminal to display a map with the occupancy status and the parking time allowed for the selected vehicle in the nearby zones.
Statistical analysis of parking data
  • The Parkunload platform uses anonymized and aggregated parking data to analyze parking and occupancy patterns for parking zones in the cities served.
Contact form for technical support
  • The APP needs your name, phone number and email address to manage technical support requests.
Contact form for incentives or surveys in pilot projects
  • The APP needs your name, phone number and email address to contact you in case of incentives (raffle prizes, etc.) or end-user surveys required in pilot projects to promote user uptake or receive feedback.


The RESPONSIBLE PARTY will process the user’s personal data on the basis of the express consent given by the user after reading the terms and conditions, in compliance with Article 6.1.a) EU Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data.


To register as a user, the APP will request the following personal data:
  • Cell phone.
  • Vehicle license plate.
  • Email.
  • First and last name.
  • Address.
The APP collects your personal data following the following procedure:
  • Registration or Login of a user account.
  • Recording of information relating to the user’s vehicles.
  • Consultation of parking conditions (permit, maximum time, …) by regulated zone.
  • Registration and validation of the user’s vehicles.
  • Registration and validation of the parking sessions in a regulated and controlled parking zone with the Parkunload platform.
  • Control of the parking time of the parking session in progress.
  • Calculation of estimated parking occupancy information in nearby zones.
  • Contact for support or technical assistance.


The RESPONDENT requires at least the following mobile app permissions to manage parking operations in parking zones with Bluetooth devices installed at or around traffic signs:
  • SMS access, to automatically read and validate your cell phone number in the registration or access process.
  • Location services based on a Bluetooth proximity sensor installed on the vertical signs, to automatically detect the nearest parking zone code.
  • Location services based on GPS and other location technologies, to display a map or list with the nearest parking areas and their parking availability.


Apart from the RESPONSIBLE PARTY, other recipients of your data may include the following:
  • Parking Operators and Regulated Parking Control Services, including the police, who may have access on parking data obtained with the Parkunload mobile application in cities to enforce parking ordinances which will include vehicle data, location or parking time. (Arts. 6.1.b and 6.1.e RGPD)
  • Parking authorities and city mobility departments, which may have access to parking data obtained with the Parkunload mobile app to enforce regulation in parking zones, analyze behavior and occupancy patterns, as well as other services to meet legal obligations. (Arts. 6.1.c and 6.1.e RGPD)
  • Innovation or research services, which may have access to anonymized and aggregated parking data for statistical and analysis purposes such as Universities, Research Centers or Innovative Data Analysis Services, with special attention to algorithms that provide parking status and occupancy patterns. (Art. 9.2.j RGPD)
  • Courts and involved parties, which access parking ticket data to satisfy possible legal claims. (Art. 6.1.c RGPD)
The RESPONSIBLE PARTY will not transfer any personal data of users to third parties without the existence of a legal obligation or consent by the same.


The RESPONSIBLE implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, alteration or destruction. All communications with the servers are secured with HTTP SSL. To the extent that the RESPONSIBLE processes your personal data, these are stored on servers within the EU.


The competent authority of the limited parking service collects the amount of the cancellation of the parking complaint through the means of payment offered by the RESPONSIBLE. Requests for complaint claims and/or refund of payment for the cancellation of a parking complaint should be addressed to the fine management service of the competent Authority, which is usually the City Council or else the public company of regulated parking services of the city, according to the legislation in force.


THE RESPONSIBLE PARKUNLOAD reserves the right to modify this policy to adapt it to new legislation or case law, as well as industry practices.  If modifications are made to the collection of data additional persons in the processing of data due to the need for new purposes, the RESPONSIBLE will inform the User of these modifications through one of these ways: website, the mobile application or by email. The RESPONSIBLE recommends you to regularly read the Privacy Policy to obtain the latest information on its processing of your personal data.


You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability and opposition by mail to PARKUNLOAD SL CARRETERA DE RIBES, 4, 204 08520 LES FRANQUESES DEL VALLÈS – BARCELONA or email together with valid legal proof, such as a photocopy of your ID card and indicating “DATA PROTECTION” in the subject line. At the same time, if you are not satisfied with the response to exercise your rights, you may file a complaint with the SPANISH DATA PROTECTION AGENCY through its website at The User may unsubscribe from the RESPONSIBILITY’s service by canceling his/her account. Users are recommended to unsubscribe from the service when they change their cell phone number.


The RESPONSIBLE guarantees its users truthful and accurate information for the development of the service, in accordance with the parking conditions (regulation schedule, parking permit and maximum parking time) in parking spaces controlled and regulated through the technological platform Parkunload. The driver user has to indicate the data and characteristics of their vehicles in a truthful and accurate manner. The RESPONSIBLE will not be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect information provided by the user, such as, for example, error in the introduction of the license plate or false information regarding the characteristics (vehicle emissions, type of vehicle, etc.) and uses of the vehicle (professional, private, person with reduced mobility, etc.). Even so, the user driver must obligatorily indicate the beginning of the parking with the means indicated on the vertical signage of the parking area: Parkunload mobile application and optionally, in certain cities with SMS messaging or other telematic means: web form, etc. The RESPONSIBLE will not be responsible for the impossibility of notifying the start or end of parking for reasons beyond the control of the service itself: lack of battery or failure of the mobile device, lack of mobile communications coverage, etc. The user driver will receive a parking ticket or parking voucher on his cell phone containing the parking conditions (regulation schedule, parking permit, maximum parking time, etc.), clearly indicating the time limit of the parking space itself. Failure to comply with the parking conditions or the lack of truthfulness in the data, characteristics or uses of the vehicle indicated by the user driver may result in the sanctions established in the current legislation of the municipality: exceeding the maximum parking time, lack of parking proof, vehicle without a parking permit in the regulated area, etc. The Parkunload platform may run automated checks to ensure the veracity of the characteristics or uses of the vehicle, such as the level of vehicle emissions or parking permit as a resident in certain cities. The parking enforcement officer and/or the local police will be able to check the parking status of vehicles parked in a certain area through the Parkunload APP by parking enforcement officers or with the municipal parking control application integrated with the Parkunload platform. The RESPONSIBLE will not be responsible for any technical or operational errors made by the guards in the imposition of sanctions or parking fines in areas regulated by the Parkunload platform. The user who accesses the APP acknowledges and voluntarily and expressly accepts responsibility for the use of this and undertakes not to perform any act that may violate the law or the conditions set forth in these legal terms, case that may involve the corresponding legally established responsibilities. The RESPONSIBLE reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates to the information contained in the APP, its configuration and presentation and general conditions, as well as to remove information or temporarily suspend accessibility. The RESPONSIBLE cannot guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors in access to the APP or its content, nor can it be held responsible for possible technical or connection problems. Nor shall it be liable for any damages that may arise from interference, omissions or computer viruses caused by causes beyond the control of the APP owner.


This APP is governed by Spanish law and by national and international legislation on intellectual and industrial property. All the contents included in the APP (texts, audiovisual contents, source code, graphic design, signs, logos, trademarks, databases, computer programs, editing, programming, compilation and other elements and contents necessary for its operation) are property of the RESPONSIBLE. The contents that the APP may contain that are not owned by him are authorized by their owners for their use and communication and are protected by the corresponding intellectual property rights. PARKUNLOAD is a registered trademark in Europe, owned by PARKUNLOAD, S.L. as well as the technological platform PARKUNLOAD, which has a license to use the patent of the parking control method registered in the patent office of Europe, United States and Canada. Any unauthorized use of these contents will be considered a breach of intellectual or industrial property rights and may result in legal consequences. The simple download or use of the APP does not in any case grant any license or total or partial assignment of intellectual property rights.