Higher productivity

PARKUNLOAD® increases parking rotation and space availability (+20%), it reduces parking indiscipline (-50%) and parking seeking time displaying real-time estimated occupancy

100% Digital regulation

PARKUNLOAD® regulates parking permit and maximum parking time based on several criteria: location, time of the day, vehicle type, vehicle emissions and driver’s profile

City logistics · Big Data

PARKUNLOAD® is an excellent source of Big Data to monitor logistics in real-time to analyze loading patterns and occupancy levels of the restricted parking zones (24×7)

Innovative approach

PARKUNLOAD® platform locates the smart loading zone extremely fast and accurately, in the frame of an innovative and patented parking control process based on apps and IoT

Very easy-to-install

PARKUNLOAD® is easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution. The app is very easy-to-use, and drivers can start/stop parking opertions by using widgets and voice commands

Flexible mobility policies

PARKUNLOAD® sets parking conditions based on driver’s profile: professional, private, PRM or resident; so, the city can easily define and enforce advanced urban parking policies (including pollution episodes restrictions)

Smart loading zones

The PARKUNLOAD® platform, hosted in the cloud and with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, is the 360º solution to flexibly regulate and efficiently control the parking conditions in restricted parking areas, based on smart road signs and mobile applications for both drivers and wardens.

To enable PARKUNLOAD® we just need to exchange or append a new road sign in the commercial loading zone.

How does PARKUNLOAD® work?

PARKUNLOAD® regulates, controls, monitors and optimizes restricted parking spaces. The technological platform is based on an effective, intuitive and innovative principle of operation in the on-street parking control


Open Parkunload for drivers

First, download the app Parkunload for Android or iOS. Next, sign in with your mobile phone number and your vehicle data, so you can to start parking in Smart Loading Zones

Get parking conditions

When the driver gets close to the road sign, the app automatically displays the parking permit and the maximum parking time for the selected vehicle, based on several criteria: precise location, time of the day, driver’s profile, vehicle type and vehicle emissions

Get proof-of-parking

You can easily Start (arrival) and Stop (departure) your proof-of-parking for the current Commercial Loading Zone. Enhanced features are also available by using widgets and voice commands (hands-free).

Estimated occcupancy in real-time

The app displays in real-time both the estimated parking occupancy and the vehicle’s parking conditions in the nearby loading zones, in order to help in driver’s route plan

Open Parkunload for agents

The Smart Loading Zones of the city can be securely controlled with the app Parkunload for agents

Parking status

The app displays the remaining parking time of all the vehicles in the Smart Loading Zones of the city

Check proof-of-parking

The parking enforcement agent can access to the vehicle’s proof-of-parking and verify both the parking permit and the remaining parking time

Real-time information

The app displays the parking remaining time of all the vehicles parked in nearby Smart Loading Zones of the city

Backoffice for cities

A web-based Backoffice application is available for the city to manage, consult and analyze restricted parking area regulated and controlled with PARKUNLOAD®

Flexible parking regulation

The platform allows to easily modify the parking conditions (permissions, max. time) of the parking areas based on geographical, temporary o environmental criteria, as well as based on driver’s profile: professional, private, PRM or resident

Real-time parking operations

PARKUNLOAD’s Backoffice displays both parking status and estimated parking occupancy of the city in real time using an intuitive user interface based on maps, lists and interactive graphics

Big data analisys

Each city can consult, analyze and export its own parking data, in order to optimize the public restricted parking spaces, based on the real data of the parking demand (24×7).

About us

Parkunload is a technological company leading on app for Loading Zones, based on an internationally patented parking control technique

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