One-Click Start & Stop

Parkunload’s smart parking button allows to Start & Stop vehicle’s proof-of-parking with just one-click.

Make drivers' life easier

The fastest and ever precise method to manage parking operations in the city

Fast and accurate

Easily manage parking operations in less than 3 seconds at the right parking zone code.

Voice confirmation messages

Parkunload’s app play voice messages to confirm the Start & Stop of the parking operations

Smart Parking Button

The Smart Parking Button is a global innovation by Parkunload to enable frequent parking users to Start & Stop the proof-of-parking with just one-click.

The button pairs with your smartphone to quickly and esasily manage parking operations with Parkunload app in cities with Parkunload’s smart road signs.

Drivers can conveninently buy their Smart Parking Buttons at Parkunload’s shop in Amazon.

Smart parking button configuration


Open Parkunload app and navigate to “Configuration > Add Smart Parking Button”


Press “Connect” to pair your parking button with your smartphone


Press & hold the button for 10 seconds to establish the connection


Successful connection!
You are ready to park with one-click

Doubts, questions & troubleshooting

If you have any problem or question about your Smart Parking Button, do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, please check our help center for FAQs and other useful articles.

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