Smart road sign

It informs about parking zone instructions and interact with mobile applications by using IoT technology

App for drivers

To display parking conditions, register parking operations and communicate real-time occupancy levels in the parking zones

App for wardens

To efficiently control the vehicles’ parking permission and remaining parking time in the restricted parking zones


To define parking rules per loading zone, consult operations and get detailed statistics: loading patterns and occupancy levels (24×7)

App for Loading Zones

Extremely fast and precise

PARKUNLOAD® is extremely accurate and it displays in less than 3 seconds current parking conditions for the selected vehicle in the restricted zone

Low energy

Compared to GPS-based solutions, our IoT platform guarantees a low power consumption in the smartphones with an excellent precision and rapidness

Hands-free features

The driver can easily register start and stop parking operations without unlocking the smartphone by using a widget and voice commands

International patent

PARKUNLOAD’s principle of operation lets manage restricted parking zones with a cost-effective, intuitive and patented parking control process

Dynamic parking regulation

Driver's profile

Both parking permit and maximum parking time may depend on the driver’s profile: commercial (includes sector), neighbour, Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM), …

Location and schedule

The platform can set-up different parking conditions for the vehicles, based on both the precise location and the time of the day (peak hour) in the loading zone

Vehicle features

The parking conditions (permission, max. time) can also depend on the characteristics of the vehicle: type, max. tonnage and emissions level (Euro N, CO2)

Pollution episode

PARKUNLOAD’s platform can establish more restrictive parking permissions and shorter maximum parking time during pollution episodes with a simple click

Diverse zone types

PARKUNLOAD controls several types of smart parking zones, such as Commercial, Passenger or  Neighbourhood Loading Zones, Click & Collect, etc.

Big data analysis

The platform collects and analyses the real use of the restricted parking zones to monitor data in real-time: loading patterns and occupancy levels (24×7)

Other restricted parking zones

Electric Vehicles

Time-limited parking areas reserved
to charge Electric Vehicles

Express / Click & Collect

Short duration and free parking areas for private vehicles in shopping areas (Click & Collect)

Coach / Touristic sites

Time-limited and short duration coach restricted
parking areas in touristic sites

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