Smart Parking Platform based on Bluetooth and Apps*

Automatic parking rules via Bluetooth
Digital Parking Permit and Time
Extremely easy to use and install
Low Cost · Efficient · High ROI

*According to patent EPO / PCT. 100% Contactless


Based on several parameters per smart zone


Precise parking zone

(Off) Peak Hour

Time of the day

Vehicle Profile

Type, Tonnage, Emissions

User Profile

Professional, Resident


List of license plates

City Context

Air Pollution, Health Emergency

Smart Parking Solution in real-time

Parking Availability

Real-time Information for Drivers


Vehicle Status for Parking Authorities

Parking Analytics

Evaluate and Improve Parking Rules

Platform Components and Applications

Bluetooth Sensor

Up to 5 parking spaces per Zone
  • Outdoors IP67 Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Up to 330 feets · 8 years · -40ºC
  • Integration with homologated Apps

ParkUnload App

Valid proof-of-parking per zone
  • Digital Parking Conditions per zone
  • Availability of nearby Parking Zones
  • Valid proof-of-parking per zone
Mobile App

App for Agents

Efficient parking control
  • Restricted access to parking agents
  • Real-time Parking Status per zone
  • Remaining parking time per vehicle

Smart Parking Zones

Dynamic parking rules based on city Context

Web Panel

Real-time Parking Big Data
  • Instant set-up of Parking Zones
  • Dashboard & KPI for the City
  • Parking Status & Availability Data

Innovation in
Smart Parking Zones

Smart Parking Button

Very productive for Professionals
  • Start Parking session with one click
  • Immediate feedback by voice
  • Set-up in 10 sec. 2 years battery

Sensors & Barriers

Occupancy & Reservation
  • Additional parking availability data
  • On-street Parking Sensors Integration
  • Homologated suppliers integration