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Parkunload is extremely easy to deploy and operate in any city.​

Project stage

Deploying Parkunload
Budget based on city and zone types
  • Project deployment plan for the city.
  • Supply of Bluetooth sensors (from +79€ per zone).
  • City Platform set-up per parking zone.
  • Technical assistance on installation.
  • Communication and Training Plan.

Service stage

Operating Parkunload
Monthly fee per parking space
  • SaaS Cloud platform · 24x7.
  • Unlimited users, vehicles and sessions.
  • Maintenance and support plan.
  • Customer support · Standard SLA.
  • Reporting and data analytics per zone.

* Contact sales for large-volume accounts

Parkunload platform features:

Valid for any parking zone type.

Several types of parking zones per City.

Supply of Bluetooth Components.

Already configured per parking zone.

Platform configuration.

According to project deployment plan.

Unlimited Users.

Unlimited vehicles and parking sessions.

Cloud platform 365.

24x7 Cloud-hosted Services.

Parking Analytics.

Big Data and Parking Patterns.

Communication & Training plan.

Webinars and Marketing collaterals.

Customer support.

According to Standard SLA.

Maintenance plan.

Mobile apps, Dashboard and components.

More Information

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