Accessible smart parking zone

Increase parking rotation and free up spaces based on priorities for People with Reduced Mobility or Elderly people in Cities or private parking facilities

Smart Parking Zones with Accessibility Services

The EU disability parking card should be recognised in all EU countries. It is necessary to check the conditions applicable per country
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Accessible digital parking zones

Parkunload Smart Parking Button

Accessible parking zones are free-of-charge parking spaces for authorized vehicles with an official accessibility badge according to local or national legislation. 

Drivers could start a parking session with a mobile app upon arrival to obtain a valid proof-of-parking at the precise parking zone. Smart Parking Button enables to Start a parking session with just one click within the vehicle.

Senior parking zones are  free-of-charge parking spaces reserved for vehicles with drivers aged +65 years with the parking rules established by the parking authority.

Digital validation of accessible parking zones
Variable parking time based on location and time of the day
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%)
Free-of-charge parking spaces controlled with mobile apps
Shared use between elderly people and disability badge
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone