Free parking for Local Commerce

Increase parking rotation and free up spaces to facilitate and encourage access to nearby shops, restaurants and local services

Free short-stay parking near Local Commerce

Small Businesses Feel Biggest Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic
Problem statement
  • Low parking turnover near local business at peak-hours
  • High cost of parking near local commerce in City Centre.
  • Lack of short-stay parking spaces for customers or deliveries.
  • Need of parking policies to help local business and services.
  • Lack of Big Data to optimize city’s mobility planning.
Digital solution
  • Create free short-stay parking zones near local commerce.
  • Digital regulation and control of parking rules per zone.
  • Variable parking time based on the vehicle profile.
  • Dynamic parking rules based on the city context.
  • Optimization based on parking patterns and Big Data.

What are free parking zones for Local Commerce?

Smart Pickup zones are free-of-charge parking zones near local retailers at City Centre or Commercial areas that increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for Customers and Delivery Services.

Drivers should start a parking session with the app upon arrival to obtain a valid proof-of-parking at the precise parking zone, which is uniquely identified with a zone code.

Parking conditions are variable according to several parameters such as location, time of the day, vehicle type and tonnage, vehicle emissions and driver’s profile. The solution is compatible in cities with Low Emissions Zones.

In addition to this, dynamic parking conditions may apply according to the city context, such as air pollution episodes, emergency situations or peak-demand periods.

Free short-stay parking zones clearly increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for customers to facilite access and encourage shopping in local business at City Centre and Commercial Areas.

What is a Smart Pickup zone?

A Smart Pickup zone is a very short-stay free-of-charge parking zone only for for Customers and Delivery Fleets to collect orders in the nearby shops, restaurants or local services at City Centre or Commercial Areas.

Parkunload app can validate that the vehicle belongs to a customer with a double check procedure via Bluetooth.

  • City Centre
  • Commercial Areas
  • Commercial Centres
Authorized vehicles
  • Any vehicle
  • Optional Low Emissions Zone
  • Optional Customer Validation
Max Parking Time
15 to 15 min.
Regulation time
from 9h to 9 h
Monday to Saturday
Parking price
0 €/h
Option to check Only-Customers
Impact and Outcomes
+ 0 %
Digital parking rules
x 0
Parking control productivity
+ 0 %
Increasing parking turnover
up to 0 %
higher revenues