Pick-up zones for local business

Parkunload increases parking turnover and free up parking spaces to facilitate access to nearby shops, restaurants and services.

Ineffective parking disc at time-limited zones

Parkunload replaces parking disc.

Inefficient parking enforcement.

Air pollution and noise.

Lack of parking data.

Smart parking zones near local commerce

Parking turnover and free spaces
+ 0 %
Digital parking rules
0 %
Reduction of illegal parking
- 0 %
Short-term free-of-charge pick-up zones to promote business.
Shared use with neighbours and nearby customers.
Digital parking permit and time limit per zone.
Remaining parking time and notifications per vehicle.
Estimated parking availability per zone in real-time.
Low Emission Zone based on environmental badge.
Efficient parking control App and data-driven decisions.
Cost-effective solution. Easy to deploy and scale.
Big Data analytics platform for city planners.

Innovative Smart Parking App to increase parking turnover.