Free parking for Local Commerce

Increase parking rotation and free up spaces to facilitate and encourage access to nearby shops, restaurants and services for customers and delivery services

Free short-stay parking near Local Commerce

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Small Businesses Feel Biggest Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic
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Free parking zones for Local Commerce

Free-of-charge Commercial zones are parking zones near local retailers at City Centre or Commercial areas that increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for Customers and Delivery Services.

Drivers should start a parking session with the app upon arrival to obtain a valid proof-of-parking at the precise parking zone, which is identified with a unique code.

A Smart Pickup zone is a very short-stay free-of-charge parking zone only for for Customers or Riders to collect orders in the nearby shops, restaurants or local services.

Parkunload app can validate that the vehicle belongs to a customer with a double check procedure via Bluetooth.

Free-of-charge parking spaces controlled with mobile apps
Variable parking time based on location, time of the day and vehicle's profile
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%) during peak-hours
High reduction of illegal parking on short-stay parking zones (-50%)
Digital validation of customers to increase local sales
Compatible with Low Emission Zones and air pollution episodes
Efficient parking enforcement based on digital means (x3)
Shared use with neighbours and nearby customers
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone