Short-term free parking zone

Increase parking rotation and free up parking spaces to facilitate access to nearby shops, restaurants and services.

Local commerce problem

Parking solution for local business

Short-term parking near local commerce

+ 0 %
Parking turnover and free spaces
0 %
Digital parking rules
- 0 %
Reduction of illegal parking
Free-of-charge parking spaces controlled with mobile apps.
Variable parking time based on location, time of the day and vehicle's profile.
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%) during peak-hours.
High reduction of illegal parking in short-stay parking zones (-50%).
Digital validation of customers to increase local sales.
Compatible with Low Emission Zones and air pollution episodes.
Efficient parking enforcement based on digital means (x3).
Shared use with neighbours and nearby customers.
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone.