Public Transport Parking

Digital Transformation of Pick-up, Drop-off and Park & Ride parking zones for vehicles with passengers of Public Transport

Digital Park & Ride for commuters

Park and Ride Carpool Public Transport Parkunload App

The optimization of park-and-ride facility location and charging rules are of importance for travelers, governments, and environment

Case study of Shunyi in Beijing
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Digital Park & Ride zones

Park and Ride Carpool Public Transport Parkunload App

Park and ride zones are parking lots near the public transport network that allow commuters and other people heading to city centres to leave their vehicles and transfer to a bus, rail system or carpool for the remainder of the journey.

The digital regulation and control of Park & Ride zones can reduce illegal parking and free up parking spaces for Passengers of the Public Transportation Network.

Digital validation of Commuters to reduce illegal parking
Variable parking time based on vehicles' profile
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%)
Free-of-charge parking spaces controlled with mobile apps
Shared use with neighbours and nearby customers
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone