Priority parking zones

Increase parking rotation and free up spaces based on priorities for PRM, elderly people or customers of pharmacies.

Problem near primary services

Smart parking solution

Priority zones for PRM or Pharmacies

Accessible parking zones are free-of-charge parking spaces for authorized vehicles with an official accessibility badge according to local or national legislation. 

Pharmacy parking zones are time-limited parkins spaces reserved for customers of nearby pharmacy.

Parkunload app enables drivers can start a parking session with a mobile app upon arrival to obtain a valid proof-of-parking at the precise parking zone, in order to increase parking rotation near primary services in cities.

Digital validation of accessible parking zones
Variable parking time based on location and time of the day
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%)
Free-of-charge parking spaces controlled with mobile apps
Shared use between elderly people and disability badge
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone