Authorized Parking Only

Regulate, control and monitor parking spaces for authorized vehicles for in public or private parking spaces for residents, employees or visitors

Residential or Corporate Parking for Authorized vehicles

Parking controls should be introduced to prevent commuters from parking in residential areas

British Parking Association
Problems statement
  • Lack parking spaces in residential areas for neighbours.
  • Parking spaces used by commuters or city visitors.
  • Traditional badges for residential o corporate parking permits.
  • Lack of Big Data to optimize city’s mobility planning.
Digital solution
  • Digital residential or corporate parking permit.
  • Consider exclusive or shared parking zones for residents.
  • Digital regulation and control of parking rules per zone.
  • Optimization based on parking patterns and Big Data.

What is a Residential parking zone?

Residential parking are exclusive or shared parking zones reserved for neighbours at Residential areas or near the Transportation Network, in order to increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for neighbours.

Drivers should start a parking session with Parkunload app upon arrival to obtain a valid proof-of-parking at the precise parking zone, which is uniquely identified with a zone code.

Parking for Residents Mobile App Parkunload

What is a Corporate parking zone?

Corporate parking are exclusive or shared zones reserved for employees or visitors of one or more nearby companies, in order to increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for authorized vehicles during working hours. 

Only authorized vehicles can obtain a valid proof-of-parking in this smart parking zones according to the parking rules established by the company or parking authority.

  • Residential Areas
  • Transportation Network
Authorized vehicles
  • Registered license plates
  • Exclusive or Shared use
Max Parking Time
2 to 2 h
Regulation time
from 8h to 8 h
Monday to Friday
Parking price
0 €/h
Optional price per year
+ 0 %
Digital parking rules
x 0
Parking control productivity
up to 0 %
Increasing parking turnover