Smart Loading and Delivery Zone

Increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for vans, trucks and light commercial vehicles to accelerate the shift to Sustainable City Logistics



Sustainable City Logistics

In times of a lockdown, logistics becomes a priority activity, or rather, while it has always been strategic for cities, it becomes more visible.

Laetitia Dablanc, Chair City Logistics (France)
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Parking turnover and free spaces
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Digital parking rules
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Reduction of illegal parking
Digital control of Loading zones for vans, trucks and light commercial vehicles
Variable parking time based on location, time of the day and vehicle's profile
Higher parking turnover to free up parking spaces (+30%) during peak-hours
High reduction of illegal parking on loading zones (-50%)
Variable parking rules according to vehicle emissions badge
Compatible with Low Emission Zones and air pollution episodes
Efficient parking enforcement based on digital means (x3)
Extremely easy-to-install and low cost solution for any city
Easy-to-use and clear parking conditions for everyone