Smart Loading and Delivery Zone

Increase parking rotation and free up spaces for Urban Freight according to Sustainable Parking Policies to efficiently improve City Logistics

Smart Parking Zones for Sustainable City Logistics

In times of a lockdown, logistics becomes a priority activity, or rather, while it has always been strategic for cities, it becomes more visible.

Laetitia Dablanc, Chair City Logistics (France)
Problem statement
  • Huge parking demand due to e-commerce boost
  • Illegal parking: vehicle overstay, double parking, …
  • Traffic congestion, air pollution and noise.
  • Same static parking rules for everyone, everywhere.
  • Lack of Big Data: either parking or availability patterns.
Digital Solution
  • Digital transformation of Loading and Delivery Zones.
  • Digital regulation and control of parking rules per zone.
  • Variable parking time based on the vehicle profile.
  • Dynamic parking rules based on the city context.
  • Optimization based on parking patterns and Big Data.

What is a Loading Zone?

Loading zones are restricted parking spaces for vans, commercial vehicles and trucks that perform Urban Freight and Delivery activities, which are mainly distributed along the streets in the City Centre and Commercial areas.

What is a Smart Loading Zone?

Smart Loading Zones are regulated and controlled with a mobile application to obtain a valid proof-of-parking upon arrival at the precise Loading zone, which is identified with a unique zone code.

Highlight, Parking conditions are variable according to several parameters such as precise location, time of the day, vehicle type and tonnage, vehicle emissions or driver’s profile. The solution is compatible in cities with Low Emissions Zones.

In addition to this, dynamic parking conditions may apply according to the city context, such as air pollution episodes, emergency situations or peak-demand periods.

As a result, Digital Loading Zones clearly increase parking turnover and free up parking spaces for Commercial vehicles, Vans, Trucks and Logistic Operators at the City Centre and dense urban areas.

What is a Smart Delivery Zone?

Smart Delivery Zones are loading zones to be exclusively used by vehicles of Logistic Operators performing personal or business deliveries. The city registers the license plates of vehicles that belongs to Logistic Operators to provide a valid parking permit per year, which may be subject to payment or taxes.

  • City Centre
  • Commercial Areas
  • Dense Urban Areas
Authorized vehicles
  • Vans
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Trucks below 12 tones
  • Optional only registered
Max Parking Time
20 to 20 min.
Regulation time
7h to 7 h
Monday to Friday
Parking price
0 €/h
Option to pay a tax per year
Impacts and Outcomes
+ 0 %
Digital parking rules
x 0
Parking control productivity
+ 0 %
Increasing free parking spaces
- 0 %
Reduction of Illegal parking

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