Parking only for customers.

Parkunload increases parking turnover and free up parking spaces to facilitate access to your business only for your customers or employees.

Lack of parking space for your customers.

Lack of parking enforcement.

No benefits for your customers.

Without add-on services.

Smart parking zones for your business

+ 0 %
Parking turnover and free spaces
0 %
Digital parking rules
- 0 %
Reduction of illegal parking
Short-term parking zones to promote your business.
Exclusively used by customers of your business.
Digital parking permit and time limit per zone.
Integration with add-on services on arrival, like Click & Collect.
Integration with your mobile app and digital services.
Integration with fidelity services of your brand.
Efficient parking control App and data-driven decisions.
Cost-effective solution. Easy to deploy and scale.
Big Data analytics platform for your business.

Innovative Smart Parking App to increase parking turnover.