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Smart Parking for City Logistics and Local Commerce

Smart Loading and Delivery Zone

Sustainable City Logistics

Digital regulation, control and monitoring of Loading and Delivery zones with outstanding KPI and outcomes for City Logistics
Food or Goods PickUp Zone

Free Short-stay Parking in Cities

Increase parking rotation and free spaces to facilitate and encourage access to nearby shops, restaurants and services

Smart Parking for Authorized Vehicles Only

Parking for Authorized vehicles Only

Residential or Corporate Parking Zones

Digital control and regulation of parking zones for Residents in Cities or Employees Corporate Parking zones
Parking for Customers Only

Parking for Customers or Click & Collect

Digital control of parking zones only for Customers or Employees to optimize parking facilities of retailers or restaurants
Truck Parking Zone · Freight Zone

Parking only for trucks

Digital control of parking zones for Trucks and Freight activities in Cities, Logistic Hubs and Rest Areas
Accessible Smart Parking Zone

Parking zone with Accessibility Services

Providing parking priorities and availability information in smart parking zones with Accessibility Services

Smart Parking in Transport, Parks or Tourism

Public Transport Parking Zones

Drop-off zones · Park & Ride

Increase parking rotation and double check parking zones for public transport passengers with an innovative solution
Smart Parking Zones for Tourism

Natural Parks and Touristic sites

Innovative digital solutions to regulate and control parking zones for visitors in Natural Parks and Tourist sites